Corporate and Executive Housing

When you're traveling for business, you want a place to relax at the end of the day. Our furnished corporate and executive housing apartments are the ideal choice for the traveler that is tired of living out of a suitcase.  Whether it is the preparation of a home-cooked meal, the convenience of an “in-unit” laundry, or just being able to enjoy the more spacious living quarters, we have become the “home away from home” destination for many frequent visitors to the Greater Cincinnati area. Its why we say “extended stay, always home!”

There are a number of reasons to stay in a corporate or executive housing apartment when you are traveling for business. We have broken it down into two main reasons that are important to both the traveler and your corporate HR department.




Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati

49 Hundred

Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati- Drexel

The Drexel at Oakley

Cost Effectiveness
Placing travelers in our corporate apartments will save your company money on lodging costs and meal expenses while providing your employee with a better living environment. When employees are traveling with their families or on a group assignment, the company can save money by booking a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment instead of multiple hotel rooms.Flexible Billing and Payment Options

Our flexible billing software allows us to treat each customer’s unique requirements on an individual basis. We can direct bill a company for their employee’s lodging, bill a company credit card, or bill the guest directly. We have always been able to create a billing/payment arrangement that is suitable to your company and ours. It should be noted that we accept all major credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover).



Another advantage of our executive housing apartments over extended stay hotels is that we have 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units available for families or groups that can share a corporate apartment instead of having to book multiple hotel rooms. We can arrange the beds in each bedroom to meet the guest’s needs.

Since you are here for work, upon request we can set up your corporate and executive apartment to allow you to get work done when you aren’t at the office. If you are in one of our 2 or 3 bedroom apartments we can also set up a bedroom as an office area with a desk, additional phone line, fax machine, and whatever is necessary for you to accomplish your tasks. It should be noted that additional charges are incurred for furniture exchanges or switch outs.


Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati-Savoy


Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati-Sycamore Place

Sycamore Place

Our spacious suites offer you a fully equipped kitchen so you don’t spend your trip eating greasy or unhealthy food from a drive thru. There is nothing that says “home” like the ability to make a nice dinner every night, or for those late nights spent working having a midnight snack just a few steps away comes in handy too!

Since you are going to be staying a while, you are going to want and need to do laundry. Instead of having to go to a shared laundry space in a hotel, you can use the in unit washer and dryer found in  our corporate and executive extended stay locations**. It sure beats having to find a handful of quarters or figure out the bill upon checkout. Make the clothes clean without spending extra green!

**where available

Cincinnati is a growing city with a lot of professionals visiting from across the country. Our extended stay apartments have hosted workers from nearly every industry. We’ve seen financial and banking professionals, doctors and nurses, construction crews helping to build Cincinnati, actors/directors/crew from the entertainment field, high tech and IT professionals, and the list keeps going!

Don’t forget- all work and no play makes for no fun! Our corporate apartments are found throughout Cincinnati which means you are never far from the city attractions. Shopping, great food, dancing, museums, and professional sports are just a few of the added reasons to make your stay in Cincinnati an extended one!




Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati-Grand at Florence

Grand at Florence

Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati-Twin Fountains

Twin Fountains

We offer extended stay (minimum 30-days) furnished corporate and executive housing apartments in upscale apartment communities throughout the city. Our extremely high rate of repeat guests proves that once someone has stayed with us and enjoyed the benefits of our furnished apartments, they will continue to choose Greater Cincinnati Relocation for their lodging needs. More benefits at affordable rates combined with superior service have been the reason for our tremendous growth as a company.

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