Temporary Disaster Housing

How Greater Cincinnati Relocation Services can help our Insurance Customers find temporary housing:

Greater Cincinnati Relocation has become one of the insurance industry’s leading providers of temporary, disaster, and emergency housing in the Cincinnati and Dayton area for policyholders dealing with property damage to their homes. We have accomplished this goal by recognizing how important it is to take care of the family’s needs during the time of their crisis while also containing, and often reducing, ALE lodging costs for the insurance company. If you have found yourself in need of temporary housing due to a disaster or insurance issue all you really want is to feel safe and comfortable while waiting to return to your home. Our furnished apartments are the best solution in the adjuster’s attempt to provide a “home style” living environment.


Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati- Drexel at Oakley

Drexel at Oakley

Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati- Renaissance

The Renaissance

Temporary housing must be affordable and must fall within the adjuster’s budget for the ALE allocation for that particular claim. We have streamlined our reservation process to be claim-specific. This allows the adjuster to accomplish their cost containment goals while still providing you and your family a clean, comfortable, furnished home. We discuss with the policyholder what their responsibilities are and monitor their scheduled departure date. If the allotted time goes beyond the approved time period, we make sure the adjuster approves the extension.

Benefits of having your policy-holders stay in a temporary furnished apartment while their property claim is being taken care of can be viewed from both the adjuster and the homeowner’s point of view.


HELP SAVE TIME AND MONEY. Creation of our unique claim-specific reservation form allows the adjuster to secure accommodations within their budget and time frame. Additional savings will include a reduction in meals and laundry expenses.

ONE CALL HANDLES ALL OF YOUR NEEDS. We take care of the details regarding your claimant's temporary housing needs. We contact your policyholder to determine their community location, floor preference, and any unique needs they may have. We make sure the claimant's housing is in the right school district, the bedrooms match their needs, and that the claimant is happy with their furnished apartment.


Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati- Trellises

The Trellises

Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati- Savoy

The Savoy

THE BEST LODGING SOLUTION FOR YOUR POLICYHOLDER. We recognize that the ALE coverage provides your policyholder the ability to secure “like-kind and quality” living arrangements while their home is being repaired. By providing a fully-equipped kitchen, combined with a washer and dryer in the apartment, we will reduce additional costs incurred for meals and laundry expenses, thus allowing the family to “stretch” their ALE longer to ensure that their home is completely repaired.

OVER 26 YEARS OF INSURANCE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE. Our customer service representatives are trained to handle the policyholder’s temporary housing and their unique needs/requests. We understand the nuances of the displaced property claimant and our role with the insurance company. We inform the claimant that they are responsible for long distance, any applicable pet fees, and any damages to the apartment. We also monitor the eventual departure date with the adjuster to ensure a smooth transition back to their home when it is ready to be occupied.


OUR DIRECT-BILLING APPROACH PROVIDES THE ADJUSTER WITH ONE INVOICE EACH MONTH for the policyholder’s ALE coverage of temporary housing. Our flexible billing system will pro-rate any partial month (both arrival and departure dates) so that the adjuster only pays for the nights that the policyholder stayed in the apartment. We do require a 30-day notice to vacate the apartment.

WE ARE AVAILABLE 7 DAYS A WEEK, 24 hours a day to handle any type of emergency.



Corporate and Executive Housing and Extended Stays in Cincinnati- Centennial Station

Centennial Station


"HOME-LIKE" LIVING ENVIRONMENT instead of an extended stay hotel room(s). While your home is being repaired, our furnished apartment is the best lodging solution for your family. Our fully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare meals instead of having to dine out on a regular basis. With a dining room table in your apartment, your family will be able to eat together in a family environment. The home-cooked meals will save money and allow you to allocate your ALE to other areas of need.

WIDE VARIETY OF LOCATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM. We have a wide variety of the most upscale, safest communities in the Cincinnati Area. Based on your input regarding location preference, we will manage to get your family settled in an apartment community near your home, work commute, and/or school district. For more information on locations, please see our Apartment Community Map section of the website.

FLEXIBLE BEDROOM OPTIONS. By providing 1, 2, or 3 bedroom furnished apartments in the nicest communities in town, we can customize the bedrooms in your apartment to meet your family’s needs. Whether your family requires single larger mattresses or two twin beds in a bedroom  we will do our best to take care of your needs. Any bedding option (King, Queen, 2 twins ) can be provided upon request. *Additional charges may be incurred for bed changes or upgrade.

WASHER AND DRYERS IN UNIT**.  Another important feature of our furnished apartment is the ability to do laundry at your convenience in your apartment. Imagine having to spend several nights each week doing laundry at a laundromat. With a washer and dryer in our apartments, you can eliminate that nightmare!

PET FRIENDLY COMMUNITIES. Let us not forget about the family pet. All of our communities are pet- friendly (most communities allow cats and dogs). We do require a pet fee and some restrictions do apply regarding pet types. Provided the animal does not damage the apartment, there are no additional fees associated with the pets.

**where available

If you are in need of a temporary, disaster, or emergency housing you have already had to deal with enough stress. Let us step in and make sure you have a place for your family to recover until the insurance team has completed their work and you can return to your home. Temporary stay- always home!


For additional questions please call our offices, 513-271-4900,  or email by visiting our Contact Page.